What animal would you like?

What animal would you like?

Thinking about getting a pet but not sure what you want? take this qui =z and it will hopefully help :D

published on November 27, 201125 responses 5
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What type of house do you live in?

a reasonable size house with a garden which is a good size?
a small house with no garden?
normal size house not a lot of space?
a normal size house with a garden and a safe town/village?

Who do you live with

parents who are letting me have my first pet
parents who don't want me to have a pet
Children who are not so good with pets
children who are young but loves animals
children and teenagers who adores animals

How much exersice do you do?

lots I love sports and will do as much as I need to
a small amount but not really a sporty person I don't mind doing some walking every now and again
Exercise?? you have to be joking I prefer my x box :D
I don't have the time but wish could

Why do you want a pet for?

because I want a companion, someone who will give me company and who will love me lots
so I can give them lots of cuddles and fill loved
because I will look cooler If I have a pet
Because I want to look after someone who I can love a lot

What is the area you live like?

wide area of space, a park to walk animals and a safe area
a wide area of space not a lot of traffic and safe for any animal
not a safe area but I just really want a pet
suitable for any animal
Why are yo asking me this?

What type of name would you choose for your pet

I have no idea yet can you just get on with this please

Are you prepared to groom your pet

yes defo, I will do it whenever I need to even if thats everyday
yes occasionally every week or month
if it needs a groom then sure.
depends what pet I gets

Are you prepared to clean after your pet

I am prepared I will do anything which includes picking up poop
yes I am prepared to clean cages pick up the mess ect
only if I have to
yep if it needs to

How much time will you spend with your pet

I am free for most hours of the week and only work a couple of days
my pet would be left at home during the day but I will be back at evenings
I will be gone for most of the day but someone is always available to look after the pet
IT will come with me everywhere I go