Are you a good friend? (1)

Are you a good friend? (1)

Ever wondered what type of friend you are? then take this quiz to find out :D

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If you see someone you know crying in a corner all alone what do you do.....

cheer them up talk to them and try to solve out what is wrong?
tell them to grow up or just ignore them and carry on with what you were doing?

If you see someone you know getting bullied do you.....

run and get someone eg: teacher/parent for help?
tell the bully to stop what they are doing and to leave the person alone?
ignore it?
cheer the bully on?

If two of your friends had an argument do you....

stand up for the one you like best
ignore the pair of them or tell them to shut up
be 2 faced to them both?

What type of people do you hang out with....

rebels just to try and make yourself look cool
friends you have known for a long time
shy people
popular loud gobby people?
just people you like loads
none of the above

your friend fell out of a tree do you....

run and get help or call an ambulance
laugh at them because you thought it was really funny
run of because your too scared.

If you lied to your friend or you done something nasty to them behind their back do you....

tell them what you have done and apologise
pretend you havn't done anything and try to forget it
talk to somoene to help you out with your problem?