Which god is your FATHER?

Which god is your FATHER?

If your father is unknown, check this quiz! This is a test for recruits considering joining the hunters of artemis (www.sites.google.com/site/rtemisandthehunt)

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What do you do while waiting in line?

pour water over head
sing a song (in head or otherwise)
get something to drink
stare at clouds
Pick a fight
build something unconsiously out of tiny objects
get a tan
Stay hidden
Try and kill someone
Try and watch that wedding over there
Steal from that guy in front of you

What do you want to be when you grow up? (adult-like stuff)

A pilot of a plane
A naval captain
A traveler
An inventer
A general
Just stay in the darkness
An entertainer
A party designer
A solar engineer
Nothing. I'm going to bed
A wedding planner
A murderer

What do you want to be when you grow up?
(not so mature)

A thief
a married gal
a supreme ruler!
psycho killer
any job outdoors
nothing at all
a gang leader
an inventor
a singer
a party go-er
a sleepy thing

What colors do you like?

blue and white. maybe yellow
blue green, purple
black and dark colors
red and black and silver
all colors
bright colors
purple and green
yellow orange and red
white and other colors
white and black
pure black

What interest you?

planes and birds
death and monsters
boats and waves
dresses and flowers
darkness and shadows
dreams and imaginary things
blood and challenges
sunshine and warmth
technology and gadgets
wine and fruit
money and stuff i "find"
music and stories