Which Regular Show Character Are you?

Which Regular Show Character Are you?

Are you the short-tempered Benson? The trouble-making Rigby? Or the loveable Pops? Click here to find out!

published on November 23, 2011196 responses 48 4.4★ / 5

What's your idea of a perfect day?

Learning MANY new things
Playing video games
Trying to get work done
Ordering people around
Telling jokes
Relaxing in your room
Chillin' with your bro
Working at your job

You got an awful song stuck in your head, what do you do?

Dance it out
Just keep singing it
Try to ignore it
Play a nice beat with it
Say something funny to forget it
Use your brain
Keep quiet about it

Aw great! There's a party and you weren't invited. How do you feel?

Bad show, very bad show!
That sucks
You know who else wasn't invited...?
Maybe next time...
Too bad, I was really looking forward to it...

What's your favorite episode?

This Is My Jam
Free Cake
Benson Be Gone
Muscle Woman
Over The Top
Terror Tales Of The Park: Death Metal Crash Pit
It's Time

When do you laugh?

All the time--I'm so happy!
When someone makes a fool of themselves
When I win at punchies
When I learn how cool it is to have fun!
At my own jokes!
When someone learns a lesson
When my friend tells a story or a joke
When there's a cute boy/girl around...

On a scale of 1 to 10...how AWESOME is Regular Show?

Jolly good! I give it a 10.
9 at the most
8...it's alright I guess...
7, now get back to work!!!
6...I could care less.....
uh...all of the above???
Better than Adventure Time
10 AND 9...?