What type of pie are you?

What type of pie are you?

Have you ever wondered what type of pie you would be if you were a pie? whether you said no or yes, take the quiz to find out!

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What word do you think most describes you?


What would you most want to be your job at Christmas time?

wrapping the presents (you love the fluffy tissue paper!)
putting ornaments on the tree
coming up with unique, never-before-seen decorations

What fish would you pick out at the pet store?

The one with bright colors and a sassy disposition
the one swimming around wildly
the simple and sweet one thats coming up to greet you

What kind of dog would you most like?

golden retriever
yellow lab
yorkie or maltese

What is your favorite subject?

language arts

What is your fashion style? (or what style would you like to have)

ruffles, bows, and anyrthing cute
jewelry, fancy shoes, and syled hair