The Offical Sorting Hat...2!

The Offical Sorting Hat...2!

Which house are you in? This quiz is more advanced than the previous one... and a little bit of your life...

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A first-year is being bullied by your best friend. You personally think the kid is a brat, You:

Tell your friend to lay off, a little harsh...
come up with a logical way to tell the first year to just leave
politely tell your friend to take a easy
Join in on the teasing

describe yourself

hard working

describe yourself

caring for all

your motto:

"hard-work doesn't mean anything until everyone tries it"
"some people are just made to beat others"
"the right knowledge is the greatest power"
"Been there, Done that!"

you didn't study for a HUGE exam... You:

cram it all in, it's the best I can do in 10 mins
cheat, like i do all the time!
i'll be fine.
Me? Forget to study? HAHAHA

Your at recess, and they have just set up a playground, but it looks scary... You:

haha! Scary? I am allready halfway up the tallest tower!!!
I would rather go make fun of the little kids trying to dare eachother to go up.
hmmm, I'll go, if all of my friends go too...
The school wouldn't put up anything 'dangerous' would they?

You just got a letter to Hogwarts, You think/say:

I want to start packing right away!
I wonder what we'll face...
I can't wait to be able to perform a spell!
I better be in my family's House!

You are nervously waiting to be sorted by the Sorting hat, You:

The sorting hat will pick where i belong...
Laughing with a bunch of friends, but in the back of my mind 'please, a good one!'
are standing at the back, even though i know it is going alphabetically...
I'd should be in the one where the richest come from...

The class clown has just made an insulting--but funny--comment about one of your best friends. You:

Calmly pretend to not hear them, and occupy yourself.
calmly state your disapproval by scowling, and walking over to your friend.
Laugh out loud, if they are stupid enough to show their weakness, then whatever.
walk right up to him, and tell him just what you think of him.

pick your trait:


pick your trait:


pick your trait:

close to your friends
close to everybody

what do you do most?

what ever is needed at the time

What do you think of this quiz?

waste of time! ugh, why don't you delete it, for us all?
sweet quiz! great job! hope I am in...
ahh, i bet it would be more accurate if it was longer...
what the point in this question?