Which darkest powers character are you?

Which darkest powers character are you?

Have fun in this AWSOME QUIZ! I think that the darkest powers is the most awsome trilogy ever!

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In my free time I like to....

Watch movies and take apart screen play.
Try to find other people to talk to.
Go shopping or try to find boys to flirt with.
Sketch or doodle pictures.
Find somewhere so you can use your hidden matches.
Study for your next exam.

If you were to chose a power, what would it be?

Immense strengh and superhuman senses.
The power to burn people with a touch.
The power to create fog and levitate objects
The power to blast people with lightning bolts.
The power to move stuff with your mind.
The power to see ghosts and raise the dead.

What are you most bad at?

Speaking clearly, I stutter.
NOT holding grudges.
Resisting playing with fire.
NOT boring people to death.
Resisting doodling in class.
Socializing and/or trusting people

What is your favorite colour?


What colour is your hair?

Short and blond
Shoulder lengh black
Long and blond
Blond with red streaks
Black and lanky
Copper and curled

Which suits you?

Epathetic (sorry on spelling)

Chose a symbol and FATE will chose who you are!