The Offical Sorting Hat!

The Offical Sorting Hat!

This is The Official Sorting Hat Quiz! find out if you are brave, hard-working, exceptionally smart, or cunning... please answer truthfully to get the most satisfying result :) thank you.

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You see your friend picking on a kid a couple grades younger than you. You personally think the kid's a brat, but/so you:

Tell your friend to lay off
Join in on the teasing
Ignore him, the kid can figure it out.
Haha! I might not pitch in, but i won't try to stop my friend either, its too funny!

There is a big test coming up, and you forgot to study, you:

Forget to study? That would NEVER happen!
WAll of my friends and i have developed a cheat system...
Who cares? I'll be fine.
Try to cram in as much as you can before the test

It's the first day of class and the teacher is allowing you to pick your own seats for the first day. You:

Sit in the middle so you can be center of attention
Not in the middle, i don't want to be called on, but i don't want to be ignored in the back either...
Sit up front where you are sure to hear all of the teacher's lectures
Sit in the back with a few friends and poke fun at the new teachers clothing

What words/mottos describe you best?

succeeding and winning are all that matter
thinking best for all & caring helps everybody
Honor and pride can take you anywhere
a punctual & descisive person 'wins the race'

Sports: How do you win? Would you:

purposely step on an opponent to knock them off balance...if losing
play dirty BEOFRE its called for.
i don't really play, but I'll sit in the stands and cheer my team on!
If they are supposed to win they will, if my team is to win, we will

What is the best quality in a friend?

He/She must be able to have an intellectual discussion.
They must be truthful and hardworking.
They must be loyal to me as a friend and exceptionally brave.
They must be ambitious and eventually becom successful by any means.