The BFF quiz

The BFF quiz

If you want to know if your friendship will last then take this quiz! It will definitly help you figure out if you and your BFF will be together forever or if you are frenemies.

published on November 14, 201161 responses 10
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You know it is your friends birthday, and you want this year to better than all the others. You thought you got her the best gift and it is so original but then you show up and everyone has made a homemade thing for your friend. What would you do?

Look if there is a craft table... I need some ideas and creatitvity!
I need to tell her the truth... I didn't bother to make the perfect card but I did spend forever picking out the gift.
It is okay that just means my thing is better because I bought it and bought things are better.

You finally scored tickets to your best friends favorite band... tickets for 3! You know she will clear space but she won't make it. What to do?

I'll find another friend to go with me.
If she won't make space for something this important then how should I expect her to make it to my parties? I can't!
I know she must have important plans....she wouldn't blow this off for nothing. We can have our own mini concert with the radio and pretend we are in the concert!

Your friend and someone she knows you don't like are hanging out this Saturday, a day you asked her to play and she isn't saying anything to you! What is up with this!

It is totally okay for her to have other friends and if she likes that girl then maybe we could all hang out on Saurday
I will find another friend to play with on Saturday. I guess she doesn't really care about if I don't like someone
Why would she do this to me!? I am never doing anyhting with the person she doesn't like and then she does this to me?!

Your friend has been invited to a party that you haven't and asked you "I can't wait for Mia's party!" Then you tell her you weren't invited. What will she do next?

She will probaly go. I mean she is excited
She shouldn't go! If i'm not there then what is the point anyway?
I already know.... Tell Mia that it is either you and your friend or nothing.

You know your friend so well that you:

Fill in the blanks about what she is going to say next
know her favorite color
You know her favorite song, color and food

You and your friend tell each other:

everything from crushes to life changing secrets
what you are going to wear tommorow and ask approval
what size shoe and clothes you have


hate your friends style
want to have everything your friend has
like your friend style but of course not as much as yours!

Your friend is over and she wants to do something else that you don't want to do and you:

compromise on what you do
pick what she wants she is the guest
what I want is better and it is my house!