What farm animal would you have as a companion?

What farm animal would you have as a companion?

It's pretty cool to think that people have farm animals AS PETS! I made this quiz to see if you could adopt one. Don't take this too seriously 'cuz you'll be stepping through cow poop

published on August 05, 201610 responses 1

What sized yard do you have?

I have a large yard with a lot of room and a large barn or stable
I have a medium sized yard with a good amount of room and a nice place
I have a small yard with some room with a doghouse/ coop
I don't have a yard

What price range would you be willing to pay for your pet?

I can pay a lot of money for my pet
I can pay a good amount of money for my pet
I don't want to pay that much for a pet
I have a tight budget so I can't spend much

What kind of shelter would you make for it?

I can find a barn/ stable to put my pet in
I can fix up an old pen or stable for my pet
I can use an old coop or doghouse for my pet, but it'll have to be a large doghouse
I don't have any shelters available

And finally, how much knowledge and experience do you have with taking care of pets?

I have a lot of experience so I am ready!
I have a good amount of experience so I'm up to it!
I have a sizeable amount of experience so I can try doing it
I don't have any experience

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