Are you a True Friend?

Are you a True Friend?

Are you a true friend? If you need help to find out, Take the quiz to find out!

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If you see a friend in getting laughed at and they aren't laughing, Do you laugh, or help?

Laugh at them, it is so funny!
Help them get out of there fast.

You're having a party and your only allowed to invite 5 people. You've invited your close 4 BFF's and there is a new girl in your class with no friends but also, you can invite the most popular girl in school. Who do you choose?

A new girl. I'd love to make another friend!

Your best friend is starting to do drugs and id getting addicted. You:

Have a one on one talk to them and help them understand what it is doing to them.
Do it too, you love it!

Your friend says they don't want to be friends anymore, what do you say?

Fine then.
Are you sure? And then you too can talk it out.

You want to go to the mall each weekend and your friend hasn't been able to for a month, what do you do?

What eves, it doesn't matter.