What T.V show are you?

What T.V show are you?

a fast quiz to show what popular teen t.v show you would most relate to. aimed for teenage girls.

published on November 12, 201170 responses 15 4.4★ / 5

Do you like to party?

Yes, duh! Im the life of the party!
not really

Do you love knowing all the latest gossip?

Yes! Break-ups, hook-ups! I no it all!
Yes, but I dont tell anyone
Its not nice to gossip!

Do you sometimes wish you had a twin?

Yes! that would be awsome!
No, I am unique!
if I had a twin, i would have a 3some

Which do you like more?


Do you like the "Twilight" saga Books or Movie?

Yes! i saw it a million times1
no, that is so cliche
no, i like solving mysteries

Which of the following describes you most?

I keep lots of secrets
I get drunk every night
I love to listen to people singing!
I like to laugh
I like to see hot guys in tv shows

Are you 14 years or older?

Yes! i am mature!
No i am under 10
I am 14 on the dot
i dont care when it says" viewer descretion is advised"

Do you like to solve mysteries?

I like everything straight forward

Do you still watch Family channel?

Yes! i luv it!
No, I am too old
I stopped ages ago!

Do you like shows with many different characters and stories happening?

No.. too confusing