What kind of emote are you?

What kind of emote are you?

You know those cute little faces, :D and >:( Have you ever wondered which emote are you? Here's the answer!

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Your friend has a second ticket to the movies. What do you say?

"That sounds so awesome! I'll see you there!"
Well, I've got nothing to do, so. why not?"
"Sorry, my agenda for the month is full with pretty much everything."

What are you best at on this list?


What's your favorite thing to do online?

Explore everything! There's nothing boring about the Internet!
Look things up and buy things on Amazon.
Virtual worlds or Facebook- I love to keep in touch!
Learn how to do things on Youtube.

What kind of music do you like?

I like a variety of songs, all different kinds!
70's to 90's pop!
Classic Rock!

Why are you doing this personality quiz?

To figure out my emote, DUH!
This looked like an awesome quiz, and I was right!
I'm bored.
I clicked the wrong personality quiz, but I don't care.