Survivor Personality Quiz

Survivor Personality Quiz

Which Survivor castaway are you? Are you the Hero or the Villain? The challenge dominator or the manipulator? Enjoy the quiz

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What will win you the $1 million?

My ability to manipulate
My ability to ride coat tails
My ability to win challenges
My ability to call people out for their faults
My feather
My flirting
My knowledge of the game
My under-the-radarness

It's Day 1 and Jeff has just sent you to camp for the first time, what do you do?

Make alliances right off the bat
Let someone align with me
Work hard to get a shelter built
Confront people
Wear pink briefs
Be told what to do
Find food

What is your trademark?

My bowler hat
My blonde hair
My country's flag
My bodybuilder physique
My feather and pink briefs
My attitude
My glasses

What is your policy on lying?

I'll lie everyday of the week as long as I win
One or two white lies
I can never lie. Ever
On occasion, but not always
People lie to me. But I know better
If I have to, I have to
I lie to everybody
I lie only to save myself

What challenge suits you best?

All challenges
Revealing tribe secrets is a challenge for me

You have just found the Hidden Immunity Idol, what will you do with it?

Tell some people to gain trust
People tell me about the Idol
Whatever, I'm easy
Tell my alliance
I don't need an Idol
Tell the person I'm closest to about the Idol
I'll give the Idol away
Don't tell anybody

What occupation suites you best?

Oil company owner
Drug rep
Car servicer
Personal trainer
Former federal agent
University student
Bank teller

Which quote suites you best?

"I have control of the game.'
'Oh Lord.'
'If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry Christmas.'
'I will always wave my finger in your face.'
'Excuse me!'
'I just want to punch her in the face.'
'He cuts open a coconut when he needs to and he does it by himself, with the machete.'
'I can get loud too!'

What will you do with the prize money?

Whatever I want, it's my money
Save it, then put it towards something worthwhile
Buy a motorbike
Put it towards a gym
Save the gorillas
Acting classes
Any adventure will do

One word to describe you?