lover quiz (for girls only) (1)

lover quiz (for girls only) (1)

what are you like when it comes to love, don't you want to know, doesn't everybody?

published on November 04, 2011146 responses 21 3.7★ / 5

when you see your crush you....

roll your eyes and walk away
gasp and faint
act normal and walk past him very fast
go up to him and flirt

if your crush asks you out you...

are speechless
say yes deffinantly
say are you crazy, HECK NO!!!!
scream with exitement

if you see your crush approaching you, you say...

"hi" in a whispering tone
"hellooooooo hottay"

one day your crush gets hurt and starts to cry, you.....

go up to him and say wanna go out!
go up to him wipe his tears and kiss him
go up to him and say boo hoo get over it
go up to him and say are you ok? and then give him a band aid

if your crush was in the hospital healing you would bring him

an insult
a kiss
flowers,a feel well letter,and a stuffed teddy bear

at the school dance your crush's and your favorite song comes on, so you go up to him and say

lets dance!
ewww, NEVER
wanna dance?
are you up for