Zombie survival test

Zombie survival test

Do you want kind of person you would be in an apocalypse? Take this test and find out!

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You're sitting in your home, and you just realize their's a zombie behind your door! What do you do?

Take a gun from my convienient weapon stache and see to it that the zombie has a nice death.
Run to my kitchen and grab a knife and throw it through the window and into the zombies face!
Jump out the window!
Open the window and start beating the crap out of the crap out of the zombie!
You take what you need and open the door and sneak behind it and run away.
Make an efficient chain reaction out of household objects and end it with a sweet knife to the face
Open the loose floor board and take the machete and start stabbing it.

You're on a high way scavenging for food and whatnot and find a gun and a glass shard and some tubing, what do you do?

Take the gun and with the glass and tubing make a scope and store in your backpack.
Take the gun and throw it at a zombie and take the glass shard and use it for a blade!
Take the gun and Shoot every zombie around you so you can eat your dang toast in peace!
make a scope out of the glass and attach it to the gun and target practice on headlights a mile away.
Pick up the gun and shoot yourself. "Why won't it end!"
Punch the glass and take the gun and run into an unsuspecting horde of zombies!
Take the tubing and attach two metal balls(Don't laugh)to the ends of it and use it as a weapon.

You come across a small group of survivors and see them fighting off a horde, what do you do?

Assist them with your mad sniping skills and then join their group
Run away
Take out your giant machine gun and light them zombies up!
Take out your shapened metal boomerang and start killing.
Kill the survivors and take their stuff, then kill the zombies with their own weapons
Approach the survivors and say you have you a plan, then assign each one to a special job and then declare yourself the "brains of the group." (Pun!)
jump onto the zombies heads and run to the zombies target, then throw what what you don't need to the survivors and run away.

How accurate are you with guns?

I don't shoot guns and I never will!
What do you think? (holding a sniper rifle)
Not very, I don't really care though.
The exact opposite of accurate
I rarely do, but when I do, I'm extremely accurate.
It depends on the situation
I don't use guns, only knives.
What's a gun?

Where would you "hide" during the zombie apocalypse?

In an open area...
in a solitary confinement cell
A bunker with a "sniping nest"
In my knife-filled safehouse.
A small shed with maximum security that I designed.

What are you best at?

Machine guns and missiles
Chemistry. With the right materials, I could create a cure!
Acrobatics and dramatic silence...
None of the above

You come across a city of survivors, what do you do?

kill all the zombies around the town
Take shelter their for the rest of your life.
Be the one man sniper defense system
Meet up with the scientists and tell them "I can help..."
Sneak through the defense system and see if there's anyone you can help.
Ask the mayor to put you on the front lines with just a knife and some snacks!
See if there's any way you can get extra guns from the town.
Trade with them and make something useful out of the items you got.

What would your diet be during the zombie apocalypse?

Carrots and water
potato chips, pop, and some fruit here and there
Anything I want
Fruit, vegetables and some cake.
Any food I find in good condition
Any food that can be sliced!
Energy bars and my own muscle stimulating chemical

What would be your primary travel vehicle?

motorized sled.
Motor cycle mounted with chainsaws (Slicycles)

How fast could you run from a zombie horde?

I don't run, I kill...
As fast as I can untill there gone!
Run untill I find a vehicle.
Like a ninja!
Run away with knives in my hand, just in case...
Be an epic rhymer and run 'till I find a gun

What do you stay away from?

Close range combat
Large masculin zombies
Anything other than guns or zombies
Guns, I only use knives... I love knives

What is you're preferred weapon?

Missile launchers and machine guns
Snipers and Semi-automatic guns
Staffs and Dart shooters
Chemical loaded guns

You're flying over the ocean in a plane and you realize there's a zombie on board. What do you do?

pick it up and throw it out the door
Start punching it in the face until it's face comes off of his face
Break a glass and stab it a countless amount of times.
Take out the tray from the neighboring seat and throw it and throw it and cut his head off.
Trip it and let all the luggage fall on him.
Jump out the door!
Flip him and while he's on the ground, let all the luggage on him

What's your favorite gun out of the following?

M21 EBR or PSG1.
M1911 colt
None of the above

You find yourself cold and hungry in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you spot a nearby diner. You walk inside to get food, where would you look first?

Blow everything up, then find food.
In the shelves and cuphoard
Scout the area then cook yourself a nice dinner.
Food? I would run into the kitchen, close the doors and hold a knife in my hands
The storage closet, duh!!
The place where you cut food... I love knives...

Which of these traits do you have?

Intelligence, something that you, narrator, seem to be lacking!
a degree in knifology.
None of the above.

You're sitting in your apartment and see a zombie and you're all like "Oh my god a zombie!" You have these "weapons" around you;
Old record
Wine glass
Steak knife
and a coincidental bottle of acid.
What do you use?

Steak knife
Old record to slice his head off!
Throw the wine at him and run!
Coincidental acid! Chemicals are the best
My fists...
My matial arts skills!

What does 2+2 equal?!?!

4! It's 4! It's totally 4!
Ummmmmmmmm... is it... 4?
What does this have to do with the zombie apocalypse?

You're in forest at night for some reason and a zombie pops out of nowhere! On a scale of 1-10 How scared would you be?

Ummmmm... 1... yeah... totally 1
6... or 7. But 6. No 7. I'll just go with 5.
4, Yeah that's right, some of you are denyinng it but it's the truth!

Finally... if you cured or destroyed the zombie apocalypse and the government or remainder of it gave you $1,000,000,000,000... What would you do?

Buy ammo, a mansion, tons and tons of guns, video games and some skittles.
Guns,guns,guns and gun accessories.
Chemicals, Chemistry stuff, and a few board games
Ask some scientists to genetically engineer a pop tart cat and teach it to sing nyan cat over, and over, and over again. And a really cool computer.
Another trillion dollars!
Knives, knives, knives and some hot chocolate!! It was cold during the apocalypse! We need to warm up!
Buy my life back and get some nice computers and video game consoles!