GTA 5-Which character are you most like.

This is a test which tells you who your personality is most alike to in the great game

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Which Transportation would you want the most?

A) Strong Truck
B) Luxury Car
C) Motorcycle
D) Bicycle
E) Cube Car

Where would you live?

A) The big city
B) In the desert
C) A nice suburb
D) The hood

What is the colour you like most?

A) Green
B) Red
C) Blue
D) Pink
E) White

If you are set to have a bank heist how do get in?

A) Bust in through the front doors!
B) Come in from the top and break/fall through the ceiling
C) Sneak through the back

Which of these jobs is the best?

A) Gangbanger
B) Person who works with cars
C) Sit at home/Gamer
D) Yoga athlete
E) College
F) Actor
G) Pilot

Which of these activities is your favourite?

A) Golfing
B) All Around Sports
C) Hunting and Skydiving
D) Video Games
E) Yoga and Tennis

Do you like tattoos?

A) Their Gnarly
B) Cool
C) No/Not really
D) Yeah
E) Gross!

How do you feel about drugs?

A) No/it's rare for me
B) Gimme some!
C) Sometimes
D) Its my thing
E) None for me
F) Ok
G) I have it but do it not too often

What will you eat?

A) Trash and what I can afford
B) Need it a lot
C) I love food but keep it normal
D) I snack and drink often

Your weight/condidtion

A) I try to lose weight but still very fat
B) Gang life and Basketballing
C) I love working out
D) I eat trashy but fit
E) I SAY I'm fat but on diet sorta

Your heart

A) I care about the world
B) It wouldn't matter if I died today
C) I TRY to do what's right
D) I have friends but I don't feel strongly about anyone
E) I do not trust people

Your Braveness

A) I'm brave but don't commit big felonies
B) "If you wan't me, kill me"
C) "Don't screw with me"
D) I'll take it on
E) Whoa leave me alone

Are you hard?

A) I ain't afraid
B) I'm a joking and lazy style/Not much of fighter
C) Nobody fights/messes with me
D) I'm the boss
E) Bring it, come on
F) I don't fight
G) No way!