what is your warrior cat name and clan QUIZ! ):3

hey guys welcome to my first quiz warrior cats name and clan QUIZ! i hope you enjoy! btw don't give me any spoilers on the warriors cuz i am on "the sight". hope you enjoy doods!

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are you a tom or a she cat?

a she-cat (smiles)
a cute little tom!
a she-cat you mousebrain!!!
a she-cat what to you think?!
a tom not a she-cat no way....
a tom! duh!

RPG TIME! now your hunting with a bunch of cats and see a young kit on your clans border and it has an enemy clans scent what do you do?

claw till its dead!! we cant have enemy cats here!!!
take it back to camp and ask a cat to ask the clan to pick it up
OMG a new kit?! i am going to pet it!! (me:wha?)
its just a kit leave it there the clan will find it.
i am not in a clan!!!
take it to the enemy camp and say "look after your kits mouse brains!" and walk back to your camp

more RPG! it is leaf bare and your clan is staving and you see a rabbit that could feed many cats and it jumps over your borders what do you do?

i always have to be loyal to the warrior code i wont do it
when nobody is looking kill the rabbit quickly and leave no scent.
if i see a patrol kill everyone on it and take the rabbit ):3
I am not in a clan! ugh do i have to tell you again
drag the rabbit on my side and kill it so like it was killed on our side :3
i would be healing cats! not hunting!

more RPG! your in a battle and your leader is pinned, your mate is dying of bleeding and your bff is losing a battle to another warrior what do you do

my bff! of corse because i don't have a mate :3
my freind always comes first
the leader! and then my mate and lastly my bff
claw every enemy cats stomachs out!!! they cant hurt anyone now!! ):D
i am to weak to fight! but i would so my mate
go help my leader! they need help!

most fo these questions will be RPG! what battle move do you start with

i pin them so the can move and stick my claws in its stomach
i would do the killing blow cuz i am so STRONG!
i would go for the neck and if they pin me bite their tail to slip away
i would be healing!
claw their eyes and when they cant see scratch the nose so it cant breathe
IDK!!!?! why do u ask me these hard questions?! GOSH!

all of a sudden your going to have kits! what do you say (or your mate)

i can't because i am a medic
OHH sh*t!
i gotta run to the nursery and get a medic!
rush my mate to the nursery!
me have KITS?!
run to the medic and order her to HELP ME!


XD to you to!
(claws face off ):3)
stop i am trying to sort my herbs

you found our your bff broke the warrior code! they beg them not to tell. what do you do?

let it slide and let them cover up their mistake
warrior code pfft! i remeber when i followed that YUCK!
alert the leader right away
warrior code?
tell them you will let it go but next time time you will tell the leader
OMG what happened to you?!

RPG! if your in a giant battle and the only way everyone will stay alive is you have to die what do you do?

kill everyone :I
die for my clan!
what did you ask me?
do it for the sake of my clan
kill myself!
keep fighting... :P

how did you enjoy the quiz!? please tell me if u dare ):3

die! (unleashes my claws and claws at ur face mad!)
cool but i didn't get it
meah... alright