percy jackson personaliy test of pure fliping awsomness

Ever wonder wich pj charicter u r? Look no further than this quiz of awsome preportions!

published on May 04, 201419 responses 1 4.3★ / 5

Wat do you think of my quiz so far?

Wat! The quiz hasent even started yet!(me:thanks captian obvious)
Great *says to self*its not a very long quiz
Shut up and let's fight!
Wait we started already supid adhd

Wat color is ur hair?

Light/dirty blond
Curly and brown like my goat half. Oooppppss!
Flat black kindof waveyish
Oily black and usally in a poney tail

Wat is ur fav activity

Reading and sudeying
Gardening? Iv got a green thumb
Killing killing and more KILLInG
Swimming ? I think better wen I'm under water

Look its luke!

Luke how could u just tuen ur back like that? And to ur frends!!


Wat the... you too!
Ur weird ?U will pay for ur weirdness

Almost done!

Oh gods thank you
Man this is a good test:'(
Finally I get to pulverize someone!
Yay tym for swimm lssons


Damn it
No simm lessons for me
But I just got my best wepon


Finally good for you
No pulverize

Almost done an thing else you want to say

More bacon
Stay in school kids
Fish face yay!
I wiwll destroy u!!


I will hunt you down and destroy u
Curse u perry the platapuss
Wat I was reading
Bloob blub bloop