Which path will you take? - MapleStory

Which path will you take? - MapleStory

Play MapleStory? Having trouble making a Job Advancement? Take this quiz and see which class fits you most!

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What's your favorite elemental attribute?


Where would you live?

a polluted yet prospering city
a camp in a barren wasteland
grassy parks
lush, green forests
a town on the water or a submarine

Which set of weapons would you use?

claws and ninja stars
a sword, spear, or an axe
bow and arrow
magic and MP potions
fists and guns

How would you battle

sneak around in the shadows, then strike when my opponent is vulnerable
attack head-on
at a distance
cast spells to power my allies and weaken my enemies
either from a range or up close

What would your pet be?

an owl
a wolf
a bird
a magical creature
a shark

What's your favorite color

Light Brown
Magical colors