What Halloween Beanie Boo Are You?

What Halloween Beanie Boo Are You?

Use this quiz to find out which Halloween Beanie Boo you are! Good luck!

published on May 03, 201435 responses 0 5.0★ / 5

Okay, first question: What do people say when they first meet you?

Go away.
Wow. How did you answer that correctly?

Okay, next: Which of these is your favorite color?

White or brown...
Anything but black! Anything!

What is your favorite Halloween Edition Beanie Boo, out of these?

Moonlight! She's a kitty!
Baron! I love his little fangs!
Haunt! Owl power!
Ghosty! So cute!

Can you scare others, or are you a scaredy cat yourself?

I can scare. You bet!
No.. I'm too cute!
Umm... No.. Wait yes.. Wait.. I don't know..
As if! I'm a coward.

How many friends do you have?

Umm hel-lo! You are talking to Miss/Mister
A few.. Some people think I'm weird.
A few close friends, but I'm mainly a loner.
I have a couple.

Okay, last question: Do you like nachos?

I'm a ghost! I can't eat!
No! I want to kill them! Whoops, I mean they're
Give me more, more, more!