Which Digital Virus are you?

You probably won't get this unless you know what and who the viruses are haha

published on May 02, 201412 responses 0
Which Digital Virus are you?
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What do you do in your free time?

When I'm alone all I do is read, study, something like that.
I try to talk to my friends to see if we can hang out~ Either that or I doodle.
I try to meet new people, I love making new friends!
I go to that one friend and annoy them, it's fun :D
I'd design some things so I can invent them or something better :O
Be alone.
Pop in some ear buds and listen to my music.

What is your favorite color? (If your's isn't listed, pick your 2nd favorite or something like that)


How would you fight?

Run around not knowing what to do until your best friend comes in to rescue you
Sneak some few punches here and there, quiet but quick. Stealth, I guess
Fight like the scariest person alive, or use another form you have
Fight using your knowledge so you know what can happen next, or your sword
Dodge most of the attacks acting carefree and hurt them when they least expect it
Use some low kicks here and there
Find a weapon that's close to you, you're quite adaptable and flexible

How many friends do you have?

I have a small circle of close friends
I have quite a bit of friends, yet I only trust few of them
I have a ton of friends, I'm pretty social
I have some friends but I mostly stay with one friend most of the time
I don't think I have any
I got a decent amount, no close friends though
I have 1 or 2 friends I hang out with

If someone confessed love to you, how'd you feel?

I know I'm fabulous but I didn't expect that
Is this a joke?
I'd love them back of course! :D
Haha that's funny-okay seriously what were you going to tell me
Sorry, but I don't have any interest in you?

Do you have any flaws?

I'm too serious
I guess I'm too optimistic?
I'm too fabulous
I never really pay attention
I'm not the girliest person in the world
Many things...
I'm too emotional /sobs

Favorite place to be?

In my room so no one can bother me.
Next to my best friend
Wherever music is
In a workshop
Being outside
Wherever it's nighttime

Do you hate anyone specifically?

No, not really
I hate everyone
I wouldn't hate anyone, just dislike them
As long as they respect me I'll respect them as well
I dunno
I think everyone hates me instead

Do you love someone?

I don't have time for that
Sort of
No one interests me here
No, not at all hah
Well, I love my family, no one else
..No, it's too risky

You're at a sleepover. What kind of game would you play?

Truth or Dare v3v
Charades >:D
I'd be away from my friends and read
I don't have any friends....
I'm pretty flexible when it comes to these things
I'd be on my iPod

The quiz is over >:I

Awww D:
That's too bad, I guess?
I don't care
nOO /sobs
I have nothing to say about that