How much of a happy person are you?

How much of a happy person are you?

There are a lot of people in U.S.A. that are very happy with their lives. How happy are you?

published on May 02, 201411 responses 0
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A new couple has moved into the neighborhood and it`s your birthday. You sent them a letter asking to please come over. You are really getting down when suddenly, you hear, "SURPRISE!!!!" . It`s the couple, they threw you a party! What do you say?

"Thank you so MUCH!!"
"Thanks!" you say, managing to stitch a smile on your face.
Nothing, you just kick them out. You hate surprises.

What do you do to keep you happy?

Be nice to people-the best thing you can do, is it not?
Hang out with your life-long crush, he is SO cute...
Graffiti-No, wait, that`s to keep me the person I am.

What is your fav color?

Something like green
Should I like any colors?

What is your fav song?

Pharrel Williams- Happy
Katy Perry- Wide Awake
Maroon 5- Payphone

What do you think of QFEAST?

Such a variety of quizzes.. It`s amazing.
I love it!!
What`s QFEAST and is it over yet?