True You

Find out if you are True to You with this quiz on your self esteem for the True You TV show.

published on May 01, 201444 responses 5
True You
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You see a shirt that you really like, but it's not really in style...

You buy it immediately!!!
You hold off on the shirt. You don't want to see what people might think of you.
You buy it, but you won't wear it to school. You don't want to be made fun of

There is a girl at school who gets praised on all of her outfits.

You throw out all of your clothes and buy a ton of clothes that look like that girls clothes.
You come to school the next day wearing the same clothes that you wear everyday, and you really don't care.
You wear the same clothes as usual, but you wish that you could look more like that girl.
You buy a few things that are that girls style.

You are going shopping and you see that all of the models are wearing a ton of makeup.

You experiment by wearing a little makeup, but then you realize that you don't like it so you stop.
You go to CVS and buy a ton of makeup.
You look in the mirror to make sure that you look okay without makeup, but you don't wear it.
You stay the way that you are.

You notice that models are mostly all incredibly skinny. When you have lunch, you...

Eat only salad... I don't want to get fat
You eat what you feel like eating! You're a hungry woman!!!
You eat a little less that usual, but soon go back to your normal eating habits.

You look at a selection of crop tops.

You say to yourself, "Man! I need to lose some weight!"
You say to yourself, "Haha, I would never fit in that" and walk on
You walk on