Which of my friends/enemies are you?

Which of my friends/enemies are you?

Find out who you are: Me (Emma), BetBet, Hayley, Marisa or Gina. This is my first quiz, hope you like it.

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What is your favourite lesson?

Lessons? How about make up?

What coulour is your hair?

Dark Brown/Black
Light Brown

What sort of clothes do you like to wear?

Whatever, so long as its comfy
Jeans and an epic tee
Clothes of the opposite gender
Designer and expensive

Someone new starts at your school, they are ugly and unfashionable. How do you welcome them?

Tell them how disgusting they are and ask them what their fave shop is (it's obviously they don't have a clue)
You don't notice them, you're in the library hiding from everyone
You notice them but you don't speak to them.
Maybe smile at them but too shy to have a chat.
Do your best to make them feel welcome, tell them a joke maybe?

What would your perfect bf/gf be like?

BF? GF? What does that mean?
Someone with a good sense of humour and doesn't mind your stupidity.
Like I'm ever gonna have a friend, never mind a bf/gf.
All I want is looks and popularity so he/she makes me even cooler
Someone who likes me for me and actually cares.

What are you best friends names?

BetBet, Hayley
Hayley, Emma
Emma, BetBet
Lily, Niamh, Anna, Alice, Franni, Freya, EVERYONE WHO LOVES ME
Umm, sorry, can't answer this one, don't have any friends you see.

What is your fave hobby?

Looking Amazing
Horse Riding
Playing an instrument
Bird Watching

What is your dream job?

Marine Biologist
Job?? No thanks dearies!