House Of Anubis Quiz - Who is your Anubis study buddy?

House Of Anubis Quiz - Who is your Anubis study buddy?

Play this quiz and test yourself - if you were in Anubis House, who would be your study buddy? Answer the questions about your personality and see who's the best for you to spend time with! :)

published on April 30, 201412 responses 2
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You found something, and Sibuna wants you to go and solve the clue. You are about to go to the basement and you see a spider. You will:

Scream, scream, scream!!!
Study the spider and see is it dangerous or not.
Ignore the spider, you have much more important things to do right now.

Its a sunny Saturday afternoon. Youre going to a party in evening, what are you gonna do to kill the time?

I'll go shopping for a dress, DUH.
I'll go in the tunnels and try to solve the mystery.
I'll trick someone to get some money for a taxido.
I'll do my homework and study for a test in Monday.
I'll train my body, run a little, play football. It is saturday after all!

K.T. lost her key, and its emergency to go in the basement. You will:

Start panicking.
Search for the key.
Sneak in Victor's office and steal his keys.

Team Evil is doing a ceremony and they have the descendants. You just remembered you havent done your homework yet! You will:

Ask my friend to do it.
Say "Who cares about the homework, the Great Evil is about to be unleashed!" and run to the gatehouse.
Stay till you do your homework and hope that their ceremony fails.

Jerome asks you out, but you secretly like Eddie. You will:

Go out with Jerome, I barely even go out so maybe I change my mind!
Tell him that I like Eddie more.

You live by:

Live now, worry later!
Say it loud and say it proud!
If you do it now, you'll have free time tommorow.
I live how I want to.