What career should you have?

Wanna know what job/career you are destined to have? take this highly refined quiz! :)

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What is your everyday outfit?

T-shirt and shorts
A sailor's cap and a bathing suit
Distinctive print dress
Hoodie with built in headphones

what do ya do in your estimed free time? 'scuse me if i'm interupting

I don't have any free time, lame-o.
stare out into the vast ocean
search meaningless quizes on the internet

how are you in school?

star student
hum,hum,hum... oh, wait! you were talkin' to me?
great in... everything... (cough cough I was lying)
I suck at everything. (cough cough truth)

what's your least favorite thing to do in your free time?

like I sais, I don't got no free time, suga'
Dance around like a crazy idiot
Play the silent game

if you saw a hurt puppy on the side of the sidewalk, what do you do?

help it! duh!
whisk it off to sea!
sing to it
I've got betterthings to do (i know, i suck at grammar)