Are You Ninja?

Are You Ninja?

Found out here if you are ninja enough to be a ninja. You must possess the skills. Face this quiz.

published on October 22, 201145 responses 13 3.9★ / 5

If a person was going to perform a killing stroke on you with a katana, what do you do?

Use stealth and decoys to get out of there
Try to dodge it

What would do if you were stranded on an island?

Teleport, no duh!
Wave my arms frantically until someone comes to the rescue

What color is your suit?

I have a tuxedo.

Who made this quiz? The name isn't presented here, though.

I didn't refer back to the name.
I referred back to the name.

Are you ninja? (To be ninja, you must be modest)


Will you take all glory?

I want to...

If you are ninja, you can see the near future--the next move your opponent will make. Which is the lung disease I am thinking of?