Which Baywatch babe are you?

Which Baywatch babe are you?

Here is an accurate way to find out which Baywatch babe you relate to.

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What do you normally eat?

Vegetables and fruits
Whatever my sibling wants.
Whatever my sibling or date wants
Whatever my boyfriend wants

What do you care about most?

The environment
Your family
Your job
Your relationship
Being kind

How did you find Baywatch

Well I was there filling in for Jill then I went and I got a promotion to lieutenant at Baywatch
My big sister worked there so I joined
I am not sure I kinda just joined
Shauni I used to be a junior lifeguard and I stuck to it and now I am a lifeguard, a real one
I used to be a lifeguard and left then Mitch spotted me and took me back where I belonged

Which man do you like most at Baywatch

Mitch bucchannon
Logan follwer
No-one they are all so rude.
Eddie kramer
It was Matt then Cody.

Where would you most likely be found?

With my boyfriend
Getting people in trouble
On the beach doing my job or looking after my sibling.
With my date or sibling.
Looking after injured animals.