Which Divergent Faction Are You In?

Which Divergent Faction Are You In?

Take this quiz to see which of the 5 divergent factions you are. Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless or Erudite!

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You are walking home and you see an injured dog. You:

Nurse him back to health
Put up posters and notices telling others
Leave it - it's just a mutt
Call all your friends and tell them
Stop random people and ask them for advice

You are at school playing with your friends and you accidentally smash a window. You:

Go to the teacher as a group and apologise
Don't tell anyone - this will soon blow over
Take the blame. You don’t want your friends to get in trouble
Search up how much a broken window costs, and if you will have enough to pay for it
Own up

You and your friends are witnessing a murder on the street and there is no phone nearby. You:

Don't interfere - the less people hurt, the better
Tell the murderer it is a dirty thing to do and he should stop it
Try to outsmart the murderer
Attack the murderer
Tell your friends to go - you don't want to see them get hurt

You find out your friend is crushing on your boyfriend, but when you tell her she denies it. However, you can tell she is lying. You:

Tell her you think she is being untruthful and she should stop
Tell her to back off - nobody messes with your relationships!
Think of what your favourite book character would do
Tell her that it’s okay and that you don’t mind at all
Suggest that you both try to find someone else for her to love

What is your favourite Divergent character?