alternative (1)

alternative (1)

There is a different universe with you in it...but not you There are dragons and fairy's and more the quiz has more than 25 creatures you could be so what are you waiting for begin!

published on May 01, 201417 responses 2 4.8★ / 5

Would you live in water?

Yes I love the water!
Nah I think i'll pass

Would you live in the sea or I a lake?

The sea duh
Huh a lake sounds nice
none of that seaweed yuk
I don't want to live in either of them

would you fly?

eh I wasent a water person but I would love to fly!
bah! who need to fly!?!
Am I invisible! I am a WATER person

Would you just want to live on land?

Yea why not
Sky person here >: (
Oh for goodness sake WATER!

Herbivore or carnivore?

Herbivore Duh! who even likes meat?
Carnivore got to go exteme!
I'd prefer omnivore really

A passive creature or Hostile?

Passive I'd prefer to make friends
Hostile who needs friends?
No conflicst and no friends!

whats you're favourite element?


Were would you live?

WATER! duh! c'mon I'm not invisible
The grasslands
Waaaay up in the mountins
How about a nice cave
Whats better than a nice swamp

Are you a male or female?
(this will affect the outcome)

Why would I want to tell you that! >:(

Fast or strong?

Fast light speed yea
Strong please
Little bit of both?
Forget them intelligence please!