What Mythical creature are you? (6)

What Mythical creature are you? (6)

From unicorn to dragon there's definetly something you'd be depending on how you act. Want to know?

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What word suits you?


What would you do in your free time?

Do something fun with all my friends, without leaving any out, so none feel left alone.
Prank someone, get it on camera and post it on youtube, it''s always so hilarious xD
Invent a hard puzzle game and make my friend play it. Watching their confusion is always amusing.
Write down my opinion about different subject, I like debates.
Take a list of challenges and do them all! I'll beat anyone!
Do something unusual and crazy! yolo right?
Go out for a walk with friends, it's spring and sunny, so why not get the best of it? ^-^

What do you think about knights, soldiers, policemen?

Their fun to trick ;)
They are annoying, always telling you what to do!
hm.... I like helping them but I wouldn't be one of them.
Pfff... insignificant.
Their great! They represent justice and do everything right!
HA! weak! They look so tight in their constumes.
Their brave and strong and just too awesome!

A gang suddently attacks you and your group of friends asking for all your money. What do you do?

HAHAHA! They think THEY can beat MY gang of friends? Let's teach these little idiots a lesson!
Oh god! Run away!
I trick them into thinking they would win and find an oportunity to make a fool out of their leader and chase the rest.
I propose a game. If they win, they can have my money.
A geez, I'd hide an let my friends deal with that, I can't possible go straight on. I would try to support them though.
Stand strong and protect my friends! I won't let them hurt my buddies!
Run right into them and punch the chief!

You find yourself passing an exam that you didn't prepare. You see the person next to you is cheating on the one in front, who is quite a hard worker. What do you do?

I'd do my best, it's not like I can do anything more about it right now anyway. And I would leave the other guy alone, he has the same problem I have but a different way of dealing with thit, I'll respect that.
I would copy the cheater's sheet, and as soon as I'm done I'd tell the teacher he's cheating. Hehe, that's what he gets!
I'll try to find some original way to answer, so at least the teacher think I gave it some thoughts. As for the cheater I'd laugh at him after, for not even trying.
Give the exam back blanc, what the hell can I do about it? I'll get some better grade next time. And I'll glare at the cheater when I pass him and make sure he notices me.
Me? Fail the test? You can't be serious. I'd know all the answers. And about the cheater I wouldn't care, he can do what he wants.
I may not have prepared the test, but I'm knowledgable enough to find the answers so I should do fine. And the cheating idiot, that's not my problem.
I'll answer what I know, failing tests happends. But I would definetly tell on the cheater! Thats is just not fair! This other guy worked hard!

As you play with a friend, some guy comes and ruins the fun by throwing rocks at you, when he suddently breaks a glass. He runs away laughing and the owner of the house blames you for it an d wants you to repay it. What do you do?

I yell at the owner say it wasn't me!
I guess I'll just repay it, I hate making fuss about things.
I run after this bastard and grab him so he repays the window.
Find some good excuse to get away with it and then make the other guy pay for what he did. You do not play pranks like that on me.
I'll repay the guy and just get away from this, it's a stupid thing to do in my opinion but I want no trouble.
I'd go steal money from the guy who broke the glass and repay the owner with that.
No fair! This guy's not geting away. I'll find him and make him say the truth!

What do you hate most out of these?

Mean people!
I hate hating!
Overly dependent people.
Egocentric people
Not doing things my way.

If you had to pick 1 thing to live the rest of you like with, what would it be?

A training room! For sports!
A comrade
A puzzle game.
A kingdom, and I'd be king of course.
Relaxing music
Something to toy with

What would you rather be? Or what would you think is the best?

A horse!
A god.
A vulture.
Something That never dies!
A wolf.
A powerful lion!

I am better than you'll ever be!

*lifts eyebrow* Pardon?
Well... maybe.
Pfff... hahaha hahaha!!!!
Shall we test that?
Such ignorance....
How would you know?!