Which Greek Goddess are You?

Taking this quiz will let you know which Greek goddess you are most like.

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Which of these animals do you like most?

hunting dogs
any cute, soft animal

Which sounds like the perfect vacation?

Camping and hunting in the mountains or the woods
Going to the beach where I can lay out in my brand new bikini
I don’t care where we go just as long as I get to spend time with my family
Spending a month in Athens, going to all of the museums and looking at the old buildings

Which color do you like most?

I like all colors

Pick a random word.


Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

married with a couple of kids
working as a model, actress, singer, or dancer
in medical, law, or graduate school
backpacking across the world

If your best friend ditched you at the mall to hang out with with her friend, Mimi, you would

get revenge on Mimi
get out of the mall as fast as you can; you hate the mall!
put on some lipstick and remind yourself that you are much more pretty than Mimi so who cares!
go hang out with your other friends

Which sounds like the most fun?

reading or writing
Hanging out with family
playing outside, playing any sport, or camping
shopping for new clothes or getting your nails or hair done

Which is most important to you?


Which type of dog do you like most?

a cute dog
a protective dog
a hunting dog
an intelligent dog

Right now, you wish you were

in a book store
putting on makeup
playing at a park
at home

You want your future children to be


Which job sounds like the most fun?

doctor, nurse, architect, professor, author, lawyer
professional athlete, park ranger, camp counselor
teacher, daycare worker, or a stay-at-home mom
model, actress, singer, or dancer