What's your element?

What's your element?

We all have our elements and I'm probably not the one to tell you what you really are, but I give out my thoughts about what you just might be.

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In one word, describe yourself.

In one word, describe yourself.

A bully starts picking on your classmate and he's a quite shy person. You rarely talk to him so you don't know him much. What do you do?

Run up to the bully and ask him what the hell is his problem!
Take my classmate away from the bully and comfort him.
Laugh really hard at the bully with no words just to annoy him, if he comes
me, I can definetly outrune him ;)
Stay out of this, I don't know that guy, I don't want any trouble with that. I'll
get back to and focus on what I was doing.
Find some smug comment to make fun of the bully so he looks stupid.
Kick the bully really hard and laugh at his face.
Wait for it to end and then go to the classmate and make him laugh, maybe we
can be friends! But I don't want to have this bully picking on me and my
Walk to them and try to find some simple solution to this. Maybe this bully's just
upset about something.

What kind of place do you like spending vacation in?

A big, wide open space away from cities. Like Montana!
Hawaii, calm, relaxing, where I can think easily, nothing better.
Some place where I can party hard! Something that makes me spend energy!
Some nice place where I can have fun with friends ^-^
A cultural place, like Florence! With good arcitechture and museums.
The mountains, somewhere I can breath freely and have lots of fun!
At some competition! I love winning, but hate losing, contests are my thing!
Amusement park! With a hole bunch of friends! It's really fun!

Where can you focus and think clearly?

In a calm, quiet place
Where I feel surrounded, I need to feel life around me.
Outside with fresh air.
Wherever! I can always think easily.
In a plane.
Wherever there's a lot of noise or music, it helps me for some reason.
Sitting in the grass.
Alone in my room.

It's a zombi apocalyps! Your house is attacked and you have time to take 3 objects and a certain type of clothes, which ones?

A weapon, food, a rope and resistant solid clothes like a bulletproof jacket.
A backpack, water, a swiss army knife and light clothes I can freely run with.
Water, food, a book about survival in nature and warm clothes.
A first aid kit, a knife, my cellphone and casual clothes.

You are suposed to survive in nature, what's the first thing you start looking for?

A place to sleep, in high grounds if possible.
A water source.
Some other people to from a group and survive together.
A weapon to hunt with.
A high place where I can see the surrounding to map it out.
A heard of large animals, if I folow them, maybe I can hide when predators
and they will focus on the herd.
A pet to have some help just in case and to have company.
Screw that, a path, maybe I can just walk home -__-'

You are playing chess with a friend. How do you plan on winning?

Take all his strong pieces.
Trick him into leaving an opening to his king.
No idea, I'll just go with the feeling
Distract him with jokes until I can get checkmate him.
How do you play chess again?
Use technics I've read in books and seen in matches.
Observe thoughtfully before making a move.
Just do whatever! I'm not good a chess, at least I'll give him a hard time if I
confuse him.

Which element do you believe is the most important?

Water! Source of life!
Earth, we can't survive without nature.
At least not fire, it just burns, it's fun to watch and it warms you up a bit,
nothing more.
All are important! Why do you think we always speak of the four elements?
Fire, what would you do if there was no sun huh?
It depends in what condition.
Air, I mean really, we all need to breath.
Which ever is the strongest, the can all creat great natural disasters, like
errupting, tsunamis, earthquakes and cyclones.

You're in a huge boat, stuck in a room with friends and it's sinking. How do you react?

Convince my friends everything's gona be alright and try to figure something
Try to find a way out.
Sit down and calm myself. If I think I'm sure I can map the boat in my head I
find a way out.
Everyone hold your breath!
Eeeeevery night in my dreams...
Kick down the door all together, we're strong enough!
Try to be a good leader and help my friends out of this.

Last question, very simple, what element do you prefer.

Wind :D
All of them \^o^/