Are u shy, a happy girl, girly, tomboy, emo, or just plain??

Take this quiz its fun and it will tell u if ur shy a happy girl girly tomboy or just normal!

published on April 23, 201452 responses 15 3.5★ / 5

What is ur fave color

brigh colors! yellow orange! bright and happy!
pink or purple <3
black or dark blue and dark colors
white and normal colors lol

What do u do in ur free time usually

Sit questly and read a good book
go hang with frnds and just have fun
go to the mall
play sports or vid games
i cut :(
idk just bored

What is ur favorite web??

Idk google
I dont go online
idk! anything! anything fun!! XD
I read creepypasta (thats My fave website! If u play that game comment ur user on msp and ill add ya! im a VIP on there lol!

Whats ur fave song or a kind of song

Happy by William
rap or hipphop
black veil brides i like rock
I dont usually listen to music. If i do its usually John Legend or someone like that.
Anyone :)

what are u wearing rite now :)

Skirt & Boots :)) and a pink top
Tight jeans and black shirt
I like bright and fun clothes :) im wearing a bright shirt rite now
PE shorts or sweatpants cozzy stuff :)
Jeans and a t shirt

Whats ur fave hairstyle xD

I just let it go loose on my shoulders
Pretty little pigtaily!
I have short hair :)
i change the style everyday
spikey hair
I like it to be all decorated with cute little barrets! :D

Did u like this?

Yes girl!
Ow! im bleeding!!
I guess...
ya sure dude xD
Ya its pretty cool :D
um ya ^_^

Ok bye!

bye imma go listen to BVB
bye bye
bye ! have a nice day buddy
Lolz byes :) see ya