Are u nice to hang with?

Are u nice and do ppl like u? Do ppl like hangin with ya?? :) Dont lie ur answers but dont be sad if ur not nice. I mean its ok i guess :/ LOL ^--^

published on April 23, 201424 responses 3
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When ppl say hi to u at school, even if u dont know them, what do u usually do?

A- say hi bak and walk away
B- say hi and smile
c- ignore them or roll eyes

If someone insults u what do u do

A- u say, Oh well thats mean but there are mean ppl out there :(
B- u ignore them and be like :(
C- u say a bad word to thjem and yell

If ur frnds r planning to go to a mall with u on a day off, what do u say?

A- u act snobby & be like What i wanted to start that conversation!!
B- u say Cool thats a great idea!!
C- u say OK cool thats fun

What do u do after u get in a fight with ur frnd

A- u dont care cuz u were just their frnd to use them (be HONEST!)
B- ur sad for a week and try to talk to them
C- u ignore it, cuz she has to say sorry first!!

What do u do if someone says that u dont care about them or that u dont treat them well

A- u says Shut up! Ur so Stupid! haha ! and then u walk away
B- u say Oh... I didnt know that
C- u say Im so sorry!! :'(
D- im sorry ok? idc really. sorry tho.

Do u argue with ur frnds a lot

A- ya cuz its fun to make them mad :)
B- No thats mean dude!! ;(
C- um ya sometimes

Do u like me?!

A- what do u mean..? ya..?
B- Of Course! i love ya girl! XD
No no of course not im like the BEST u know???!

R u always tryna make ppl be happy even if they are already happy

A- ya i love 2 tell ppl their pretty
B- nah why would i?
C- ya sometimes.

Do u have a lot of frnds

A- ya ppl say im awesome :)
B- no everyone hates me idk y
C- a few ya