What Super Power would you have?

What Super Power would you have?

Let's say some god decides to give you a power depending on how you react to situations. A power that will help you react in the same way but with no way of failing.

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Tick whatever describes you.

Straight foward
Day dreamer

You're in a shop and you see a game you've been wanting for y while, but you can't affort it. The shop keeper is reading a news paper but glances at you from time to time. What do you do?

I make it look as if I'm reading a magazin while I slide the game in my pocket.
I wait till he looks away and snatch the game real quick, then I'll hide it and try to
escape without him noticing me.
I think about what a thief would do and find a way to take it.
I just take it, if the shop keeper tries to stop me, I'll just beat him up.
Dang, maybe I shouldn't have spent all my money on useless stuff.
I take it and run away as fast as I can, maybe I'll outrun him.
I'll spare money for it, stealing is bad!
I watch everywhere if anything can see me and when I'm sure nothing does I
take it and walk away.
I disguise myself as a shop assistant and take it out saying it's trash, he won't
suspect a thing hehehe....
I talk to him about whatever while I put the game in my bag behind his back.
Ill drive his attention away from me and take it when he's not looking.

You're playing dodgeball with your friends and everybody tries to get you. How do you try to win?

I look everywhere for any ball coming in my direction and dodge it. They won't
get me!
I laugh at my friends saying they aim to bad to get me, maybe that will make
their shots bad.
I time the second when my friend throws the ball, catch it and throw it back at
him. One down!
I get an ally and ask him to tell me if someones trying to get me from behind, I
can dodge the rest.
I catch every ball and throw them back with all my strength! Think you can get
me before I get you?

You see a woman getting attacked by a thief in the street. H etakes her bag and runs. What do you do?

I hide in a corner and wait till he gets to me, then I'll make him fall and take the
I'll throw something on him to knock him out.
I grab him before he can escape and punch him in the stomach, That should
teach him.
I put a mask on and take a fake gun that a point at him. Who's geting robbed
now huh?
I run after him, I can catch him!
Dang no, I stay out of this, I don't want any trouble.

Pick your favourite.

Magic! Playing with cards, doing awesome tricks! People will see amazing things!
Time! You can do anything if you have enough time.
The sky, there's nothing I envy more than birds.
Racing sports and games! So much fun! I'm unbeatable!
Wait whaaat?

In 24 hours you die. What do you do for your last day?

I sneak up on and scare every person that annoyed me.
Attach an invisible string to my teacher's chair and pull it when he sits. Hilarious.
Convince my neighbors into thinking someone's trying to murder them, then put
a camera in their house to see how they react.
Disguise myself into an alien and play pranks on people.
Tell everyone I love how much I love them and write down my dying wishes.
Jump off a building! WEEEE!!! what? I'm gona die anyway.

What sport are you good at?

Weight lifting!
Running of course.
Archery, I aim like a boss!
Cosplaying! Wait, that's not a sport?
Hammer throwing, javeling throwing... well you know, all of these.
Annything that needs focusing
Honestly... none.

If you could have a power, what would you want?

To travel in time, see dinos!
well isn't that obvious? Flying!
To be super strooong!
To run so fast I wouldn't sink on water.
To see through walls, ahaha all them girls changing...I mean to look on my
classmate's sheet during tests,ERRR... well dangit.
uh... to transform? that would be pretty cool...
Telekinesis! That's definetly practical!
Controling people's mind! So many things I'd make them do... mehehehe
Reading minds! I hate not knowing what people are thingking.
To create illusions, I'd be a great magician!
To be invisible, so I can appear out of nowhere or sneak anywhere without being

Alirght last question. *takes out knife*, do you want a coockie?

*Eats coockie*
*Stares in hesitation*
*shows fake smile, takes coockie, runs*
*hypnotisises me*
*snatches coockie*