what is your personality (6)

What personality do you have? Find out in this quiz what personality fits you!

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what is your perfect day?

shopping at the mall with friends
chilling at home with the tv on and a bag of chips by your side
at the park by a tree enjoying a word puzzle book
dancing all night at a party

what do you think about when people say that everyone should eat healthy?

bring on the chips
how many carbs does pepsi have
eat healthy, eat junk
you should only eat food that your mom makes for you, its the best

what do you do when your 2 best friends get into a huge fight?

come on work it out don't fight
chill out ,work it out
well let me tell you what I think
well dr.phill always says...

what do you want for christmas?

mac makeup,a gift card for pink, and new sneakers
a basketball,sneakers, and a gift card to aeropostal and some new led pencils
a bag of chips,50 bucks,a birdhouse, and sweatpants
a new word search book, a new pair of suspenders, and a 2 way trip to the space museum

favorite colors

neon yellow,orange,blue,pink all neon
umm blue and green

favorite movie

revenge of the nerds
cinderella story
step up 1,2,&3

favorite phrase

chess,lets go

you embarrassed yourself at school what do you do?

what the heck who cares
oh my god i got to go
haha lol
um ah what do I do


dance sing
shop shop
read homework
tv video games

do you like books?

what the heck is that
omg totally