Am I Pretty?????

Am I Pretty?????

do u think ur not pretty?? let this quiz determine if your pretty inside or out or both??

published on October 18, 20111066 responses 242
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if a dorky new student came up to you asking where a class was how would you react???

Sure i'll show where it is.
oh right down the hall, i'll come with you, i have a class right next door! :)
um, yeh somewhere around here, sorta busy so, maybe think about leaving me alone, please?

You have your whole summer free! apart from spending time with friends, you decide to do something extra, that might get you extra credit for school, which one do you choose?

Helping mentally ill kids to learn basic skills, and hobbies.
Give your old belongings (clothes, toys, makeup, etc.) to a charity, and then learning the lines for a show you want to audition for
put up posters for the school dance that is one first week back at school, help pick out the Prom queen tiara, (the one that looks best on you!)

you go to the mall with your friend, she wears this horrible t-shirt so you:

Hide from people you know, so you won't be seen by her, and/or fake sick and ask your parents t pick you up.
Tell her she looks great and continue the day as planned
tell her that the shirt doesn't really suit

the school is holding a car wash to help raise money for new cheerleading outfits, how is your reaction?

"Well i guess i'll help out, they should probably find a more worthy cause though..."
"All the cheerleader's ever do is put me down! I'm not helping! i'll find more worthy cause!"

At that car wash what do you wear??

some jeans and a dark t-shirt, i don't want to get my GOOD clothes dirty, and i defiantly don't want my shirt going see-through!!
i told you already! I'm not going!
probs some short shorts, and a white mid-drift, oh and a sexy black & lacy bra underneath ;)

A really hot guy starts talking to you, you find out that he's already in a relationship though, what do you do?

Hit on him anyway
respect that he has a girlfriend and just be good friends
talk to him for a while, but mainly about school and sugest they can be friends and or hang out

Your Favorite color is?


You're going to a party, you wear:

A short dress that sit on the thighs, red and black maybe, with black stiletto's and, you're hair worn out, HEAPS of makeup
Short-Shorts, mid-drift, platform boots and hair out, face plastered with makeup
A pretty dress that sits just above the knee's, small high heels, hair worn out, but pinned of your face with a pretty silver clip, some eyeshadow, mascara, and lip gloss
Knee high white shorts, ballet flats, a strapless white top, maybe a hat or a necklace, with your hair braided down the side, just the right amount of makeup
Loose fitting jeans, a t-shirt, converse, with your hair tied back in a loose ponytail, some chap-stick put on your lips
Knee high denim shorts, sneakers, singlet top, no makeup, hair in a tight braid down the back

How much makeup do you wear at school

LOADS, i look heaps better with it on, a lot of eye-liner!!!
just some gloss, and mascara, I'm happy with the way i look
non, i don't care how i look, i just feel how i feel

your pet is a


Describe your boyfriend:

hot! very popular!
handsome, has a decent amount of friends
not very popular, really smart, and kind
i don't have one
Sooooo sweet!! okay looks, but i really care about the personality!!
SUPER SEXY!! but if he didn't have those looks i'd dump him quicker than you could say "OH SHIT SHE'S GONNA DUMP U!!!" (lol)

how do you spend your friday nights, if you were alone though.

Talking on the phone to my friends/boyfriend
updating my facebook satus
studying for the test next week
helping my brother/sister clean up their room
taking my dog for a late night walk
thinking about the week

What type of books do you read?

all sorts!
factual books, but i don't mind a little fantasy here and there
i don't read books!

Out of these Celebs who would you date?

Justin Bieber
Taylor Launter
Justin Timberlake
Orlando Bloom
Zac Efron
Cody Simpson

Did you like this quiz (if you did, plz rate it, it took me agggggggeeeeeesssssss!!!!!) xxxxx :)

yeah it was okay
i'll only like it if it says i AM pretty!!