Which one of Kliiesen's characters are you most like?

Which one of Kliiesen's characters are you most like?

This is just made for fun, just to find out which character who could match you the best!

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What do you do when you're in a crowd of people you don't know?

I'm making jokes of course! Even if they may go wrong, they still might bring some smiles up on their faces!
I flirt them to bed yo, all of them.
I'd rather walk away and sit alone.
I would talk to every each one of them and get to know them!

How much trust do you have in other people?

As long as they prove them self real and nice, pretty much!
None at all, they can all screw off.
Nothing, since they're all a bunch of liars and back-stabbers.
A lot! I love every single creature!

Would you rather be in a realationship or not?

I don't really mind which so ever, as long as I'm comfortable in it!
Pfft are you kidding me? Who got time for another persons wicked life?
I'd rather stay single, since I got a family member to protect.
Oh I would love to have somebody I could live the rest of my life with!

Would you ever have the guts to kill someone?

Not on purpose!
Lol of course, I don't give a f*uck.
If I have to, yes.
NO! Never in my entire life! Every single life should be respected, no matter what!

Do you smoke/drink?

No, I don't like the taste of it, tho the smell of smoke is pretty ok!
Of course baby! Every night!
It's the same as just pouring poison down my throat, no.

Do you have a purpose in life?

I actually don't know, neither do I care. The only purpose I've given myself is to make everyone laugh!
PFFT yea, to f*uck b!tches!
To protect the only one I have.
Of course! To bring smiles up on everyones faces, and just live!

Do you have a dark background?

I do, but I would love to forget. It actually doesn't bother me that much any more.
Pssh! You wanna go?
I do, but nothing in life is easy, now is it?
Not really, I've had a wonderful life for as long as I can remember!

Are you having a love-interest?

Indeed I do! And I'm happily in a realationship!
Um no? What do you think I am, a girl?
I do not, I neither have time for such things.
Indeed I do, but I'm not sure if s/he have ever noticed me..

What do you enjoy most in life?

To make people laugh! It's the biggest gift one can ever recive!
Drink, smoke, f*ck and all over again!
I don't have time to enjoy life! ... But if I must chose, I'd say watch the stars during a summer night.
OH I can't chose! Hmm.. I'd say meet new people!

Are you happy with your body?

I don't have a problem with it!
Pfft of course! My muscles/hair/body are like a girl-magnet!
I haven't payed attention to it that much, nothing that bothers me in other words.
No, not really..

Do you like swiming?

Oh yes, It's really fun! As long as the water is warm!
EW Are you kidding me?!! It's cold and feels awkward, like you're covered in cum or some sh!t !!
I do enjoy water yes, since I live near a coast I must be able to swim, if something happens.
Oh I do!... But I don't like to flash my body..

What is your favourite food?

Milkshake and chicken please!
I'd say pizza, mhm!
BBQ is actually quite good.
I love buns and hot chocoo!

Are you an out-going person?

Meh, if anyone wanna talk to me, I'm doing the best I can to make them feel comfortable!
Out-going? Pfft, I'm the one who invented it!
I'd rather not have any contact with any kind of lifeform except for my family members.
Indeed I am!

!LAST QUESTION! Which one out of these, is your fav color?