What Element Are You; Earth, Fire, Water, Air

What Element Are You; Earth, Fire, Water, Air

Find out what type of element you would be out of earth, fire, water or air.

published on April 21, 201444 responses 9
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Favourite sort if food is

Favourite sort if food is
Rice and sandwiches
Tacos and pasta
Lasagna and rolls
Icecream and fudge
Vegetables and fruits
Curries and burritos
Mewsly-Bars and seafood
Cupcakes and lollypops

What is your favourite animal?

What is your favourite animal?
A gentle animal which lives free in the wild
A large dangerous animal like a lion or a shark
Anything that lives in the ocean
The common domesticated animal like a dog or a cat
A domesticated animal that lives in the wild
A small but feared animal like a snake or a bat
A bug
Whatever animal that everyone else likes

If you could pick one face expression what would it be?

If you could pick one face expression what would it be?

You got into a fight at school

You got into a fight at school
Me?! In a fight?! No way!
Bring it on!
Will em' bullies ever give up?
Very well but it is only to protect my reputation
Where's the teacher...?
Ha! You think you can defeat me?!
Maybe I can run away from them somehow...
They're bigger and stronger than my but I have loads of friends on my side

If you had a superpower what would it be?

If you had a superpower what would it be?
Amazing strength
To read minds
To be able to fly
To be able to breath no matter where you are (like underwater or in outer space)

What is your personality?

What is your personality?
Kind and optimistic
Stubborn and reclusive
Shy and quiet
Boastful and sly
Sweet and lovable
Harsh and self-centered
Mysterious and sensitive
Center of attention and loud

What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite colour?
Bright pink or sparky orange
Dark red or jet black
Cool blue or light purple
Plain white or light grey
Bright yellow or light green
Bright red or dark orange
Dark blue or other
Dark purple or brown

How smart are you?

How smart are you?
Tiny bit below average - only a tiny bit though!
Above average
Below average
Tiny bit above average
Is this a trick question?
Extremely above average
Extremely below averagle

Which of these places do you like the most?

Which of these places do you like the most?
A lush rainforest with a grand waterful, it's sound resonating through the trees. The forest is endless as you hear the chirping of bugs and the the twittering of birds up above you in the sky, with canopies and canopies of trees
Blazing flames, scorching the surrounding, eating away any memory or desire. They tower over any building structure, their bright red orange and yellow flames singeing your heart as smoke buffets towards you
Snow ripples down to you touching you with a sudden freezing jolt. The snowy meadow whirls around and a couple of deciduous trees cling together, their branches laden with snow. The ice collapses around with icycles and glaciers
The tornado gusts around daringly as you feel it's strong pull almost charge you on. You jump up and the tornado lifts you into the scarce sky. Leaves and debris tumble around you as the tornado lifts you higher and higher
You sit down on the great rocks which have been their for thousands of years. Some small pebbles tumble down forever from the never-ending stones. Myrtle and lichen cling to the stones alongside moss as you lean on the cool stone.
A scarce desert, the ground breath-takingly hot, and hard. It is bright orange. Few plants or animals live here, a couple of cactuses spotting the horizon, dark green looking up at the sky, their spines daring you to approach and touch.
You sit on the sand. Water is surrounding you, dark blue and green but it is transparent - fish and other ocean life flicker passed you ignorantly. The taste of salt lingers on your tongue as you spread your arms out in the cold deep water
Gravity was impossible here. Stars flicker at you as meteors fly passed. The dark blue is never ending with new planets and moons and suns to come. You float around gracefully, feeling free and young. No more stress - no more anything.

When you are about to go to school you are feeling

When you are about to go to school you are feeling
Excited, I can't wait to see my friends
UGH! I hate school!
I wonder what I am going to learn today.
What if my friends decide they don't want to hang out with me?
My friends will be so jealous when I show them my new...
Time to beat up some nerds!
All them bullies are going to pick on me! Should I hide in the library with a book for lunch?
I wonder if I got into this new sports team...