What Untitled Character are you?

What Untitled Character are you?

A quiz to see what character you are from the stry my friend made. there are 11 possible answers.

published on October 17, 201123 responses 2
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What do you want to be?

Human with brains
Human with Attitude

What would your catch phrase be?

Bark Bark
Seeing stars?
I will destroy them
I will keep her safe
Be careful
It broke again?
I don't want trouble
Keep her safe
I hope you know you are fixing that
Why can't you just leave him alone?

If you were invited to a party what would your responce be?

Do you remember last time I was at a party?
Of course!
I suppose
I have to work
I don't know... last time i went to a party...
I am actually invited?
Not if my life depended on it.
Sounds fun
Sure as long as it isn't in my house.
Let me just pack a few things...
I have to since she is.

Describe your love life

There is no such thing as love
I want what I can't have
We will be together forever
We are happy I guess
My parents don't approve...
HA! You're funny
We've been together a long time but we are not married
I have a wife but I havn't forgiven her yet
My husband is upset with me
I love her and vow to keep her safe
I don't have time for that crap.

What do you wish?

I just want to help those that can't help themself
I just don't want to be like my mother
I just want him happy
I just want to be free
I just want to kill them all
I just want to keep them safe
I just want my family together and happy
I just want my daughter back
I just want to have a family without danger
I just want to have daughters
I just want my loved ones happy.

family life? child hood?

Hy childhood and family was happy but I want to know my birth parents
I was abandoned with my brother until my father found me and tried to keep me
I took care of my sister and now have children and a wife
I have a husband and children but I rarely get to see them
I was sold to get experiments done on me
My family loves be
I have no family
My parents are spit up but my childhood wasnt unhappy
It was fine except for the fact that may mother is insane
My family wants to kill eachother and my childhood was spent taking care of others
My family is a bit much but i love them with all my heart.