apitude test

ready to find out who you really are? erudite...dauntless...amity...abnegation...candor...or divergent!!!

published on April 21, 201438 responses 6 4.3★ / 5

what is you favorite color

red and yellow
black and white
blue or white
or all of the above

what is mostly that describes you?

cares for others
very intelligent
brave or not a coward
honest or truthful
very peaceful or understanding
a lit bit of everything

if your sister/brother is being bullied what do you do?

beat the kid who is bullying them
creat peace between them
be honest and tell parents
read and find an answer
keep my sister/brother away from each other

what is cooler

hiking at a park
reading at a library
talking to friends say OPEN MINDED opinions
near a river
volunteering at a church
painting,drawing,walking etc,

if you crushed said i love you how would u feel?

wouldnt care
calm and peaceful
care about him
find a book to find a way to express your feelings
be honest andt ell him u love him too
say cool or whatever