Which Hair Color Fits Your Personality?

Which Hair Color Fits Your Personality?

Find out what hair color matches your personality! Could it be your hair color now or another color? Try it out a discover the hair that matches you!

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What do you see as your best quality?

My athletic ability
My hair
My leadership abilities
Being a mystery. Never know what is coming.
Energetic and outgoing
Most responsible person I know
Pure of heart

What is your favorite subject in school?

Study hall

Have you ever tried a crazy hair color?

Once on Halloween
Yeah, did not like it much
No, I'm far from crazy
I like to be different
Nothing qualifies as crazy in my book
Tried it and liked it
When the mood strikes

What would you like to change about yourself?

I tend to follow the crowd
I am too shy
I feel like everything I do is wrong
I am sensitive
I am forgetfull
I am alone a lot
I keep secrets built inside
I have a temper

Look around your room. What is your color scheme?

airy, pale colors
dark vivid colors
bright, light colors
neon colors
plain colors
neutral colors
mix of colors

Whats your favorite kind of cake?

Velvet cake with white icing! Yummy!! :)
No cake for me...on a diet
Chocolate fudge!! :D
Chocolate cake with neon icing! :)
Plain white cake and white icing!
Confetti cake! It is so much fun!
Marble cake! It is different!
Blue cake!! (yes it is real and it is delicious!!)

How do you spend your days off?

Watch tv
Sleep all day
Hanging with friends
Getting in trouble
Going swimming
Read a book
Goes shopping
Playing outside

Do you color your hair?

Yes, keep it this color
My stylist does it
Absolutely! I mix my own colors!
I do it when it starts fading
No, natural hair is the best hair
Sure, I do not get too fancy
Eh doing the winter
No, I like my hair the way it is

What do you look for in a guy?

Someone active, likes sports
Someone who is cute
He is strong
Someone I have a lot in common with
I can trust
Keeps me guessing
Always there for me
Keeps me happy

What one world describes your style?