what cat are you? (3)

what cat are you? take the quiz to find out which cat you are, (made up all cats)

published on April 21, 201418 responses 5
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when you open your eyes for the first time who do you see

your mother
your father who winked at you
your sister
your brother
you were abandoned outside the border
your father had died before you had been born and your mother died kitting so you saw the cat who was going to be your
adoptive mother

for your spare time do you,

try to impress the kits
play with your littermates
sit alone in the corner dreaming about your parents
play with the other kits but make sure to stay inside the nursery
wonder why your birth parents gave you up
make jokes with the other kits

you become an apprentice at your ceremony...

I cautiously walk to the leader scared i might make a fool of myself and say in barely a whisper, "i do."
i quietly walk up and whisper, "I do."
I walk up and wink at the she-cats as , once i'm up I confidently say, "i do"
i eagerly bound up a grin on my face not caring if i look foolish i excitedly say, "I do!'
As I walk up the steps I am surprisingly calm my eyes shine and I say " I do."
I angrily step up the steps I was the oldest kit and older than some apprentices. Angry I was held back just because I was
adopted into the clan I grumbled, "I do."

you are going to your first gathering do you..

go to the first she-cat you see and flirt up a storm
cautiously stay by your clan mates and watch your brother talk with the she-cat
do you sit alone in the very corner by your deputy and study the cats
sit alone in the clearing and wonder angrily if one of these cats may be your parent
introduce yourself and make friends
go to a cat who seems nice and funny, and trade jokes

when you become an warrior after your vigil do you...

cautiously try to find a good nest with no thorns
go flirt with the first she-cat you see
go outside and run to the lake and back
joke about not being able to talk all night
make a sharp remark about how irrupting the bugs are
go hunt by yourself and think about a better hunting technique

when you get a mate which personality do you want

a secretive tom named crow heart who might have an affair with that cat silvermist, from shadowclan
all of them, i will make my way around starting with mistecho the cat from the gathering
someone sweet, loyal and brave named foxstar
a she-cat who is negative and hates the world named blackheart
a loving tom who thinks mind is the greatest form of defines named tornear
a tom who is funny and father material named rockpelt from windclan