Your Personality (3)

What's your personality? :) Scene, sporty, girly or a tomboy?! Let's find out! (don't hate :/ )

published on April 21, 201420 responses 8
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Do you like dark colors? (dark red, black, blue, etc)

Heck yea!
Sorta :)
Umm nah! Bright is more me!
Their okay :)

What music do you listen to?

Rock, metal, screamo, etc
Pop, maybe some rap(maybe), the usual.
Pop music!
Pop, maybe some rock here and there, :)

Choice of clothes? :3

Band T-shirt, hoodies, some jeans, sneakers.
Some sport shorts, maybe a t-shirt or a tank top!
Anything pink!
T-shirt, jeans or sweatpants, sneakers, something artistic

Opinion on make-up?

I'm not a fan of makeup :/
It's cool. But I don't use it much. :)
It's totally awesome!!!
I like it. It's fine.

Thanks for taking this!!! :)

No problem!
No prob!
Your welcome!
Hey~ your welcome!