Are you in love? (1)

if u want to know the truth about your feelings for him/her? i advise you to take this quiz!:)

published on October 17, 2011115 responses 16 4.1★ / 5

would you want him/her there whenever you are sad.

yes i always want them here morning noon and night!
it depends what the crisis was!
no, i could handle it myself.
it might be nice but i'm not worried if they don't turn up.

do you trust them.

not entirely.
no not really.
yes but no.
i do but i don;t really want to share info with them.

no matter what u do u can't stop yourself from looking at them.

thats so true.
ahhhh no.
all i have to do is look away.
i am magnitised.
i look at him/her looking at me.

when they are sad do you feel any emotion or sympothy for them.

yes all the time.
i do but i look at the positive side of it all.
i cant look at them it makes me feel miserable.

what are you feeling wright now.

i can't describe my emotions.

is she/he the one thing on your mind at this very moment.

yes they always are on my mind.
strangely yes.

last question, are you taking this quiz for fun or to find out the truth and finally admit to your feelings.

to finally adimit
for fun.
i really don't know.