Which Greek Goddess Are You? (2)

Which Greek Goddess Are You? (2)

Time to discover what Greek Goddess you would be. Take this quiz to release the Goddess inside of you. Try it out! Could not hurt to be adventurous!

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How would you describe yourself?

Willing to get what you want, determined, all about you
wise, trustworthy, ready for a fight
beautiful, cunning, dependent
independent, ready for a good hunt, can do things on your own
dependent, half hearted, strong
doesn't need a man to be strong, intelligent, jealous

Which husband would you rather have?

Rather have nature
No husband

Which would you rather do?

Watch politics
Run away from home
Go hunting
Hanging with friends
Listening to music alone

Are you known to keep secrets from the people you love? If so what kind?

Yes; I am having a affair on my husband
No; I am a open book
No; who needs secrets when you have the woods
Yes; I want to run away
Yes; I am jealous real easily
Yes; I want him all the myself

Which book would you read?

World War 2
How to grow good flowers in the Spring
Beauty tips
Best weapon to hunt with
Phases of the moon

How would you help mortals out?

Try to get a agreement not to start a war
Give them a plentiful hunt
Allow them a good season
Good fishing
Beauty and love
A full moon or new moon

What do you like about nature?

its beauty
the animals
the flowers and plants
how it holds up to what ever it faces
the strength it holds
the creatures that lurk in the dark

What is your favorite color?


Which goddess do you wish to be?

Goddess of war, wisdom, etc
Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, etc
Goddess of love, beauty, etc
Goddess of spring and underworld
Goddess of the sea
Goddess of the moon

If you enjoyed this q u i z, please c omment, but last question, in one, two, or words what would you say you desire?

Good hunt
Another Man
Man I Love
No jealousy