which godzilla kaiju/monster R U?

which godzilla kaiju/monster R U?

if you ever wonder what giant metalic tokyo-defending monster-fighting super weapon you are our what abomination of mankind you are do this quiz, you'll (probably) be glad you did! consisting of questions about YOU'R personality and what kind of kaiju you would like to be this is for the godzilla kaiju-super fan!!! B T W sry for the miss-leading cover this is my first quiz so dont be to harsh plz!

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so, big super powered GOOD
kaiju dude walks up to you and starts attacking you, what do you do?

grab him by the head and *CENSORED* his face off! your bad to the BONE! cue heavy metal music
join him, mine as well he's good your good... you have a better chance at defeating enemies if you have allies first!
avoid him/ her you dont wanna get in a fight at the time!
beep beep must defend must defend beep!

someone is making a robot clone of you what do yo do?

destroy that fool of a robot damn it!
what is this c-c-loOene you speak of i AM the robot!
meh if hes on my side i guess it'll help but if not.... then well there ain't gonna be no robot!
clone? well i am good so then he must be good so... yea i'm cool whith it.

lets just say you have PHENOMENAL power what do you do whith it?

destroy all evil doers what else?
destroy ALL DA people!
use it when i need to,no other reason! :)
i was bor- BUILT whith dem powers and i use 'em for combat against evil or sometimes good monsters.

what if your home burnt down in a fire?

donate all of the remaining pieces to charities! (what i was planning to do in the first place
take my frustrations out on everyone and everyone!! woot WOOT
darn it! a-GAIN!?!
beep repair repair beep beep must repair BEEP!

what would your monster intro be like in godzilla unleashed?

swoop down from the sky or up from the ground and laugh in the face of danger! HA i will protect! :)
jump up from god knows were and roar as a barrage of bombs and cars crumble on your indestructable hide!
demonstrate your attacks and briefly roar!
get deployed and make unneeded sound effects! ka-BOOM!

what faction do YOU like?

ALEANS! come from another planet to kill you all MUA hahaha!
Mutants! giant monster= mutant so.... yea
G.D.F. giant robots are gosh darn epic!
earth defenders! it has godzilla in it so it is a good faction!

what kind of monster do you like best?


Destroyah is coming for YOU....! what do you do?

fight to the bitter end! and i'll enjoy it! for FREEDOM!
uh well um mabby just MABBY i AM destroyah!
meh i will deal with it.
i will attack on sight even though i will get my but whooped. :(