Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Test your wits about what you think you know in a zombie infested world!

published on October 17, 201180 responses 18 3.1★ / 5

Choice of weapon?

Whatever you find...

How do you take inventory?

Ration it for the coming days of the end
Take whatever, whenever
Only organic
Being greedy, and stingey
Have someone else ration for you
You know you won't find much, so save it...

How do you group?

By yourself
With as many as possible
You, and whoever
A person of choice
With one other person you know personally
A doctor, mechanic, and civilian...

What personal item do you take?

Picture of Family
Lucky coin
Can of Beans
Save room for other stuff...

Someone in your group was bitten... what do you do?

They make you kill him, and you do it
You let the others decide for you all
Take him/her with you regardless!
Leave the group!
Leave them...
Feed him to the zombies as bait

A zombie is attacking you close up... What do you do?

You probably won't react fast enough to avoid it, but still try!
Be saved by a partner!
Always try to avoid any signs of life...
Attack it back!
Punch it in the face...
Give the bitch a famous "Chuck Noress Roundhouse Kick"!

You were shot in the stomach! What to do... ?

Wait for help
Find a place to hide
Give up, and just bleed... You believe you won't make it...
Tell your partner you got "Injured"!
Ask for HELP!

You see a helicopter in the sky!

You are too worried to notice it, and keep trying to get out of the city!
Try to get it's attention...
You don't really bother, it's too much of a stretch!
SHOOT IT DOWN!!! XD Yay! Fireworks!
Find conveniently placed AC radio, and call it down to the top of a building swarming with zombies, and a Tank, from Left 4 Dead